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We sell wholesale direct from China via.  www.chinabestexporter.com
Gru-Bee inc. < > designer and marketing consultant in the USA.

China GAS  <  >  manufacturing and export selling arm in China.  www.chinabestexporter.com

GRU-BEE Skyhawk / Star-Fire brands sold only to authorized WD distributors direct from China GAS Export and Trading Co.

Company Introduction:  

History:   In 1999, after using an engine on a bike in China, Don Grube brought a 48cc kit home to the USA for his own use. He installed it on an old 15 dollar used bike and one trip around Lake Heifner in Oklahoma City proved he had a winner.  Folks loved the bicycle power idea and the unique engine "putt-da-tee" "putt" "putt" sound! Unexpectedly, Don never made it home with his engine powered bike.  A new name was born when an observer noticed and said: “I want to buy one like that, where did you get that cute little "Wing Ding"?     The man bought it for cash money on the spot!!!.  

The idea to go into business became reality. < Gru-Bee inc. > was founded and incorporated in 2001.   Star-Fire & Skyhawk brand engine kits were distributed in the US out of a warehouse in Oklahoma City USA until 2005. 

“MOTORIZED BICYLING” is now a worldwide industry.  Street legal under 50cc without license in most States in the USA.    Australia has a power limit of 200W.  Some European countries do not allow engines on bikes,   Consult with your law enforcement officials before trying to sell in your country.

USA & CANADA NOTE:  It is important to know that oil mix 2 cycle engines as of Jan 1 2006 can no longer be imported into the USA unless EPA  certified with catalysis mufflers.   Canada now follows the same USA  EPA  law. 

China GAS has communicated with EPA and has alerted them of offenders in the USA  and Canada who have violated the EPA  laws.   REF:  http://www.epa.gov/compliance/complaints/index.html      We expect enforcement in 2009 to be very strict.    A Quote from USA Pres. Elect. Obama:  “These rules will reward the industriousness and entrepreneurial spirit that's always been the engine of prosperity and crack down on the culture of greed and scheming that's led us to this day of reckoning.“    In the opinion of China GAS and Gru-Bee inc. it has been regulation without enforcement that caused the economic conditions of recession the world now  faces in all business aspects.   

History and Current Sales Policy:  As of May 2005 our name brand products are available only from China GAS and sold to authorized WD’s only. Our products are no longer stocked in our own OKC, OK. USA warehouse.   All distribution now is to authorized China GAS WD accounts shipped direct from China.  Gru-Bee Skyhawk / Starfire brands are available only from China GAS Export and Trading Co as they are now the true selling vendor.  As of 2006 Gru-Bee inc serves only as designer and consultant;  All sales must now go through China GAS Export and Trading Co.   Gru-Bee brand name Skyhawk and Star-Fire products are distributed World Wide in North America, South America, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Holland and Australia.

China GAS:   They are a Chinese owned and licensed exporting company in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China.   They are franchised by Gru-Bee to sell and export our brand name products out of China. They are not part of Gru-Bee inc. ownership.   China GAS is totally Chinese owned and independently operated.     They serve only as our contract export agency in China, owned and operated by Angel Xue Fang.  In so doing, they are now the selling vendor of Gru-Bee brand products to a worldwide network of WD accounts. 

Gru-Bee inc:  Don Grube owner of Gru-Bee inc. resides on a small ranch in Bochito, OK. USA.  He serves as technical consultant to China GAS as well as to many other independently owned factories in China, USA and Malaysia.  He stays in constant contact by e-mail when traveling outside the country 11 months out of the year.  Gru-Bee inc remains only as marketing guidance and design consultant on a contract basis to China GAS Export Company.   Don is now 63 and wants to enjoy life as semi retired.

SkyHawk / Star-Fire  (WD) Wholesale Distributor program:   WD’s buy from China GAS  fob: Shanghai in min. lot quantities at approx. 50 to 80% off retail prices.   Selling terms are 30% TT with order and 70% TT at time of shipment. All shipments leave direct from China contracted factories.  The WD is free to set his own retail prices based on his true landed cost.  The WD must have a Retail and Dealer two step distribution policy.   All WD’s must have their own freight forwarder to handle logistics from China port and clear customs in their own country.  Before being accepted into the distributor program a WD application must be approved by Gru-Bee / China GAS.   A WD must qualify as being able to handle customer service, parts inventory and market our products in a two step distribution.   All WD’s are assigned exclusive territory assignments and remain exclusive as long as they do a good job representing our products.

Engine Kit Warranty Policy: A 90 day limited factory warranty is given on all products except Russian engines and Model A export engine kits:  Warranty is administrated by the WD to the end user and supported by a credit memo on future purchases from China GAS. Our Mission Statement: Striving for Quality and Customer Satisfaction is Job #1.  Nothing less is acceptable:  The Gru-Bee / China GAS expectation is to have continued progress in the WD market penetration by producing the best frame mount bicycle engine kits with the best accessories and options available.

48cc 2 cycle Star-Fire easily transporting Don and his engineering assistant at the factory. Power to spare!